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Use our tools to create professional glitter art! Visit TECHNIQUES for step-by-step instructions on how to use our Noodger and Ultrafine Metal Tip.

Tools Kit
Ultrafine Metal Tip

Art Glitter Tools Kit
Includes 50 Noodgers, Ultrafine Metal Tip, plastic spoon, pin, cloth and instructions.

Kit $6.50

Ultrafine Metal Glue Tip

Ultrafine Metal Tip is necessary for precision application and fine line writing with adhesive.

Tip $3.50

See Techniques for more information

Art Glitter Noodgers, Glitter fixers

Includes 50 Noodgers for correcting glitter mistakes.

Set $3.50

Glitter Spoons
Black Glitter Spoons
Glitter Trays

Art Glitter Spoons

Helps you get just the right amount of glitter from your glitter jar.
Ten spoons, 3" long.

Package 10/$3.50

Art Glitter Permanent Black Ink Pad

Elegant Black Glitter Spoons.
Long, easy to hold handles. Five Spoons, 4.25" long.
One Pack $3.50

Art Glitter Trays

5 x 6.5" Black Glitter Trays with Clear lids that snap shut. Holds up to 4 oz. of glitter.

One Tray/Lid $1.00



Pins Kit
Stamp Pad
Sticky Sticks

Art Glitter Pins Kit for Glue

Six stainless steel Pins, six noodgers and one cloth. Pins are used to store in metal tip temporarily. Use cloth to keep tip and pin clean. Noodgers are for correcting glitter mistakes.

Kit $3.50

Art Glitter Permanent Black Ink Pad

Permanent and perfect for stamping on transparency sheets, Fantasy Film and Fantasy Fiber.

Pad $7.90

Art Glitter Sticky Sticks

Has a sticky end for picking up and gluing small objects.

Package 15/$9.00



temporarily out of stock
Gold Metal Leaf

Small Metal Leaf

Gold metal leaf for embellishing projects. Use with Art Glitter's Dimensional Leafing Adhesive or Sticky Tape. 1/2 Book.

Twenty five 2.75" x 5.5" sheets
One Package $5.00

The Art of Glittering System DVD

"The Art of Glittering" is an exciting 90 minute DVD filled with demonstrations and projects by Barbara Trombley, creator of all our colors and the
"Art Glittering System".
Previously published in 1996 in VHS format.

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**NOW ONLY** $12.96 each

Glitter of Artistry by Barbara Trombley

Glitter Artistry by Barbara Trombley, reveals all the different types, techniques, varieties of color and special effects of glitter in over 45 stunning projects. 128 pp. Hard cover and NEW Soft cover available.

Hard cover $24.95
Soft cover $9.95

Hard Cover

currently outof stock

Soft Cover

Glitter Charts
NEW! Printed Color Calibrated Charts
Vintage Glass Glitter Chart

Art Glitter Handmade Chart

Over 460 glitter colors applied by hand with our DDC adhesive. Perfect for glitter enthusiasts who want a true color representation of all the Art Glitter colors.

Three Sheets $275.00


Art Glitter Printed Color Chart

Each color has been expertly photographed and digitally manipulated to match its original color. Printed on heavy card stock so you can glue and glitter the colors you have. In time you'll have made your own handmade glitter chart!

One 8 page Set $10.00

Art Glitter Handmade Chart

Printed on glossy card stock, this chart has all the colors for our Vintage Glass Glitter line. Each dot has been carefully hand glued.

One Sheet $35.00


Sorry, Glitter Charts are currently out of stock.
Lace A-2

Polyester Lace for Glitter Lace Technique

7 inch wide swatch of polyester lace. Perfect size for glitter lace cards. Lace pattern and colors varies.

$.80 each

Glue Daubers

Empty mini writer and dauber bottles with Ultrafine Metal Tip.

Kit $6.20




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